A radome functions as a protective cover for a radar system. Radomes are optimized to allow minimal RF interference while offering structural protection from weather and other deleterious events that a radar system may encounter.

ITI-RCS supplies advanced composite radome products and services. Our expertise stems from years of replacement, tracking, and design solutions to aging radome fleets worldwide. The extensive maintenance and repairs required on older radomes result in downtime, reduced performance, and substantial cost.

After performing thorough analysis and significant virtual and physical testing with certified labs utilizing advanced composite technologies, our team has developed viable and affordable solutions for radome fleet replacement for many radar systems worldwide. The radomes we supply are designed for a service life of 20+ years while reducing initial cost by up to 50%. These savings are realized without degrading performance; in fact our radomes have shown substantial RF and structural performance improvements as well as a reduction in maintenance cycles over aging fleet radomes.

ITI-RCS radomes are currently available in sizes ranging from 3,7m (12ft) to 17,2m (56.5ft) for terrestrial-mounted radomes. Our maritime radome sizes range from 1,4m to 2,5m. We can provide other sizes for both land and ship-based radomes upon request.

We supply sandwich radomes or radar covers to government (U.S. and foreign) and commercial users for a large variety of radar systems. For more information on our radome products please visit our FAQ page, or contact us. We are happy to provide a timely response to your radome questions.

Radome Warranty

ITI has confidence in the durability of our radome products, and we offer a standard warranty against defects in workmanship for 18 months from the date of installation or 24 months from the date of delivery, whichever comes first.