Caulk replacement films

Appying sealants in the field is often a messy situation requiring time, patience, and training. Infinite Technologies offers a film tape designed to function as a replacement for traditional silicon caulk sealant. The film can be provided in rolls of various sizes, color and thickness. It can be applied in wet conditions and offers the same or better operational lifetime and better shelf life. It is highly resistant to UV, is flexible (300% elongation), and utilizes a pressure sensitive adhesive. The film can be applied on its self making repairs a breeze.

Hydrophobic appliques

FluoroGrip ® is ideal for protecting or upgrading traditional paint systems to provide superior chemical & temperature resistance in splash and spill conditions. Applications include wraps of structural steel supports, equipment protection & wall coverings such as anti-graphiti and self cleaning applications.

Thin EMI/EMP protective systems

Over the last few years, ITI has been working with members of industry to develop easily applied film appliques to protect strategic and high cost assets from Tempest, EMI and EMP breach events while in critical operational situations. Many national C4I system assets are vulnerable to severe damage caused by a Tempest, EMI and/or an EMP threat.

The EMP Threat Protection system consists of multiple thin-film frequency selective surfaces utilizing metamaterial structures for flat panel and curved surface adhesion.

The frequency ranges and attenuation requirements for development of this technology are specified in ASTM E1925-10 pgh 7.34.

The system provides the following benefits:

  • Low lifecycle cost
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to repair
  • Low weight compared to legacy systems
  • Adaptable to multiple configurations