The 463L pallet is the centerpiece of the Materials Handling Support System 463L, and was designed to for efficient intermodal cargo transfer for Air Force and civilian cargo transport worldwide. The pallet is specifically designed for safe and effective movement of cargo by way of roller conveyors, restraint rails, and loading systems. The air cargo pallet system is equipped with features for locking pallets into cargo aircraft rail systems for restraining cargo during flight, including a rail and tie-down rings for securing nets and managing loads. Individual pallets can be interconnected to create larger cargo handling.

ITI, in collaboration with partner companies, has developed an improved air cargo pallet design that meets the requirements of the 463L pallet. The design has been tested and passed the stringent 463L testing requirements and meets or exceeds all performance requirements of the legacy pallet. The nature of the design eliminates some of the issues found with legacy pallets including, water intrusion, corrosion, and maintenance issues.  Please contact us for additional information regarding the pallet.