CAFDEx ® Portal

CAFDEx® provides enterprise-wide capability that is easily configurable to enforce and support your enterprise business rules and processes.
CAFDEx® can be delivered with a variety of enterprise quality data base engines and includes error trapping and recovery to prevent input  data loss.
CAFDEx® improves employee productivity and requires a minimum of administration and  maintenance.
CAFDEx® core umbrella system is used to integrate and provide quick and reliable access to a series of web services and applications.

  • User Access / Authentication
  • User Roles / Responsibilities
  • Business Process Workflow Management
  • Host and Maintain Corporate Data
  • User Customized User Portals
  • Manage System Security and Web Service Access
  • Administrate File and Data Access Privileges
  • Error Correction / Detection/Preservation
  • Management Reporting Capabilities
  • Enable Staffing / Collaboration/Coordination / Approval

CAFDEx® Maintenance Requirements Planning / Forecasting (MRP / F)



provides a turn-key business process to collect, record, and evaluate costs and provide corporate budget inputs, planning reports, and maintenance expense forecasting services for the development of budgets.

CAFDEx® Management Budget Allocation Planning Programing(MBA / PPBE)

provides roll up and drill down capabilities that enable process users to align current and future funding with current and future year requirements.

CAFDEx® Inventory and Unique Identification (I / UID)

provides inventory control, maintenance scheduling, and budgeting for company assets, consolidating equipment inventory into a single database, accessible by users worldwide, that  facilitates central reporting and knowledge management.

CAFDEx®Maintenance Visit Planning (MVP)

implements the visit planning, scheduling and budgeting needed to forecast baseline and cyclical requirements thereby ensuring your capital assets are maintained and conserv


CAFDEx® Strategic Planning/Performance Based Objectives (SP / PBO)

provides collaboration capabilities for Senior Leaders that result in strategies and readiness requirements being captured and turned into  actionable items through the development, collaboration and approval of Performance Based Objectives (PBOs).

CAFDEx® Workload Tracking System (WTS)

provides user management accessibility of workload and to facilitate collaboration and coordination to improve team performance with benefits of reduction on DB

A dependency without sacrificing performance on accessing data, usability of accessing data or data integrity.


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